#TeamRoughCreek was created so future homeowners could learn more about the wonderful staff at Rough Creek on a more personal level, as they share everything from fun facts about themselves to their favorite features of Rough Creek Lodge. If you missed it, read our last blog highlighting Tanner Morgan and Teka Paul here. This week, we are excited to shine a spotlight on our highly dedicated and essential team members Paul Boccafogli and Julie Davidson.

Paul Boccofogli was originally born in New Jersey, but has lived in Texas for 40 years. As the General Manager of Rough Creek Lodge, he spends 50 % of his time in his office answering emails, following up on challenges, training, directing, guest interactions, and executing Rough Creek’s business plan. The other 50% of his time is spent on employee relations. He lives only 4 miles from Rough Creek, and considers himself the luckiest man alive thanks to his job, the people he works with, and the guests who visit the Lodge.


Paul Boccafogli Rough Creek Lodge

Paul Boccafogli – General Manager

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
Paul: I have a twin brother who lives in New Jersey.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
Paul: We are expanding a few activities like a batting cage, TopTracer golf, new archery and tomahawk area, and Kid’s Ranch, plus we’re adding a new dining room area and 32 new homes on the property.

Q: What is your favorite season at Rough Creek?
Fall and winter because the weather is so nice. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a wonderful time at Rough Creek Lodge.

Q: On your day off, you’re most likely…
Paul: At home, working outside, mowing my lawn, and taking care of my “dream house” my wife and I built on 21 acres.

Q: Do you have a favorite animal at Rough Creek?
Paul: Our hunting dogs are remarkable animals. It is always a treat for me to watch them work during an upland bird hunt.

Q: How long have you been working at Rough Creek Lodge?
Paul: I opened Rough Creek Lodge on January 15th, 1998. I have been here for 21 years.

Q: If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
Paul: My father was ‘famous” to me. He died when I was 25 years old. I would love to know him today and have lunch.

Q: What’s your favorite meal at Rough Creek Lodge?
Paul: Quail appetizer, salmon, and any dessert we serve.



Originally from Cleburne, TX, Julie Davidson is the Front Office Manager at Rough Creek Lodge. Julie has been an essential part of the Rough Creek team for over 18 years, and can always be found at the front desk or in the front office. Her favorite feature at Rough Creek Lodge is the family pool cabana, and she looks forward to her twin grandsons being born next year!


Julie Davidson Rough Creek Lodge

Julie Davidson – Front Office Manager

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I can play the piano.

Q: What’s your favorite meal at Rough Creek Lodge?
Steak dinner. 

Q: On your day off you’re most likely…
Doing chores around the house.

Q: If you had the ranch to yourself what would you do?
Relax at the pool.

Q: Do you have a favorite animal at Rough Creek?
The goats.


Q: How long is your commute to Rough Creek?
Julie: 40 minutes.

Q: If you had an hour break, where would you go on the Ranch?
Julie: The Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) Balcony.

Q: What is your favorite season at Rough Creek?
Julie: Fall.

Q: Where is your favorite break spot?
Julie: Front office – it’s the only one I know :).

Q: What would be your perfect sandwich?
A ruben.