Rough Creek Lodge has been named The Best Texas Getaway for Families by Global Munchkins, and we couldn’t agree more. Set in a vast expanse of Texas Hill country, Rough Creek offers a bevy of family-friendly adventures and outdoor activities catered to kids, with plenty of opportunities for parents to kick back and relax (or join in the fun).

From horseback riding to shooting ranges to movie nights on the lawn, the luxury travel and lifestyle publication listed 25 reasons Rough Creek Lodge is the state’s #1 holiday spot for families. Continue reading to see what tops the list, or see the article in full at Global Munchkins’ website.

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1) The Accommodation Options Make it Easy for The Whole Family to Stay Together

Not only are the rooms and suites in the lodge a treat, but they have onsite cabins and vacation rental homes too. You’ll be able to find the perfect place to accommodate you and your clan, no matter the size.

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

2) The Gourmet Menu Is Kid-Friendly

When you stay at the lodge the food is built into the rate. Chef Gerard Thompson is renowned, however, he can make something for your little ones too. This means you can eat world-class filet while they eat pizza. And that is what we call having your cake and eating it too!

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3) The Pool Situation is Ideal

Everyone knows that the perfect ingredient for a family vacation is a good pool. Not only does Rough Creek Lodge and Resort have an adults-only pool for mom and dad, but their family pool comes with all the bells and whistles; lazy river, waterfall, slide, hot tub, kiddie pool, poolside food, and beverage service, and a beach area with lounge chairs and shaded cabanas. Say no more.

Homes for Sale at Rough Creek Lodge

4) The Golf Range is a Hole In One

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort has a golf range onsite similar to Top Golf. With the shaded patio, breezeway and drink service, it meets all of the requirements for a great time. Need a warm-up? There are several putt-putt courses around the property that are sure to get you in tip-top golf shape.

5) Horseback Riding is Making our Cowboy Dreams Come True

Rough Creek has family horseback riding, and since it’s guided, all you have to do is remember to keep your feet in the stirrups as you take in the magical views of the wide-open spaces and the big Texas sky.

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

6) The Zip-Line Makes This the Texas Version of Disneyland

Zip A Dee Doo Da! Skip the lines and still get the rush of a fun ride. Rough Creek has a zip-line that soars for 650 feet above the Texas ranch. Oh! And did we mention that it’s no additional cost?

7) They Have Water Sports, Too!

If you’re a little less into the land and a little more into the water, Rough Creek has got you covered. Get ready to go canoeing, jump on the water trike, and catch some big fish. With several docks located around Mallard Lake, there is plenty of room to sit back, let the kids do their thing, and take in the views, too.

8) The Climbing Wall is All The Rage and None of the Stress

Strap on some gear and bring out your inner adventurer with the full-sized rock wall that is out behind the lodge. If your little one doesn’t meet the age requirement, fear not. A bounce house and trampoline are located just around the corner and they never go out of season.

The Residences at Rough Creek Lodge Texas

9) They Offer Childcare

Not only do they offer private babysitting, but every night of the week, you can send your kids to kid’s camp! Truly such an incredible option when you’re traveling with the whole family.

10) They Have TONS of Options for the Athletic Family

Lucky for you, their fitness center is state-of-the-art, and they have a tennis court, basketball court and frisbee golf course to bring out your inner athlete.

11) Rough Creek Lodge and Resort is all about Playing Games

So are we. Rough Creek has every game you can think of. From horseshoes and washers to bocce ball, shuffleboard and everything in between. *Insider tip- you can grab a glass of wine from the bar and bring it out to the back terrace to join in on the fun!

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

12) Their Handheld Activities Make Rough Creek Lodge and Resort Feel Like Summer Camp All Over Again

Not only can you experience life like a true Texan, but you can do all the most fun summer camp activities as a family too. Rough Creek Lodge and Resort offers paintball, archery, airsoft and ax throwing!

13) They have a Shooting Range!

Not only does their property offer clay pigeon shooting, but, if you bring your own guns, they will clean them for you. What other resort does that?

14) They Offer Plenty of Ways for Mom and Dad to Unwind

Cigar collection? Check. Wine list with over 150 bottles and several awards? Check. Whiskey and bourbon collection? Check. Couples massage? Check and check. Oh, and they have a full list of spa services as well.

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

15) They Shoot off Their Own Fireworks

If you’re there for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or New Year’s Eve, they add some light and shine to your vacation by shooting off their own fireworks! Watch from the back deck at the lodge for a perfect view over the lake!

16) They Have a Nature Trail

With a nature trail that stretches five miles long, there are endless opportunities to spend time with the family outside. Get lost amongst the 50 different types of wildflowers sprawling across the exquisite property.

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort

17) You Can Take a Nighttime Wildlife Tour, Too. 

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort also offers a nighttime wildlife tour. Grab a pair of their night vision goggles and see the exotic inhabitants of the Texas wild along the nature trail.

18) There is an Actual Enchanted Forest

The kiddos will love the part of the nature trail that Rough Creek calls the enchanted forest. With cute critters popping out of the trees, it’s hard to resist.

19) You Can Rent Mules

Want to see the property but don’t want to walk? Rough Creek Lodge and Resort has got you covered (no surprise). With mules available to rent, you can see most of the 11,000 acres without stepping foot on the ground.

20) See Sweeping Panoramic Views from the Top of Gun Mountain

Climb the 150 steps to the top of Rough Creek’s most photo-worthy viewpoint, Gun Mountain. Talk about the perfect place to take a family Christmas card picture! Don’t want to walk? You can take the mule almost all the way up and get the best of both worlds.

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21) You Can Make a Furry Friend at the Petting Zoo

With several different types of animals on the property, you can take the littles to go pet and feed horses, goats, and more!

22) Movie Nights on the Lawn

During the summer, Rough Creek has a movie night on the lawn almost every evening. It’s the perfect way to relax with the whole family at the end of an action-packed day.

23) Rocket Launch

Yes – it is just as cool as it sounds! Big or small, your family will love the daily launch from the helipad. No problems here, Houston!

24) They Have Kid-Friendly Transportation

Not only is it kid-friendly, but it’s plenty of fun, too. Every night during the summer, Rough Creek Lodge and Resort offers free pony rides, hayrides and rides on the kiddie train starting from the lodge!

25) You Can Find Fossils!

Rough Creek Lodge and Resort sits on fossilized land! Look for dinosaur bones and more. They’re thousands of years old, and the kids will love them!