Introducing our Featured Floor Plans: The Ford (B2) and The Ford (B3).

Designed by Jeff Garnett Architect, LLC, The Ford (B2) is a 1,626 SF home with 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an additional 344 SF of exterior covered space for a grand total of 1,970 SF. The Ford (B3) features a similar layout, with an additional bedroom added to the first level. With 1,976 SF of interior space, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 409 SF of exterior covered space, this spacious home comes to a grand total of 2,385 SF.

Native stone along with vertical metal siding and a screened porch combine to create a residence with a distinct personality that’s still in harmony with its surroundings. The steep pitched roof at the second floor contrasts with the low sloping roofs covering both the screened porch and the entry gallery. Both the front and rear entrances open into a stone walled gallery with sunlight filtering through continuous clerestory windows. An open kitchen overlooks the living room and dining alcove. Sliding glass doors stretching from wall to wall in the living area open to a screened porch and fireplace. A hallway leading to the full bath is lined with built-in storage cabinets. The stacked washer and dryer are concealed behind a sliding wood rail door. Upstairs, two bedrooms each have private baths strategically located to ensure privacy for all.

The Ford 3 bedroom adds a stone-clad additional bedroom to the first level. Meticulous attention to such details as the window design and “rain chain” downspout enhance the proportions of this modern interpretation of a Texas Hill Country bungalow.


Featured Floor Plans Ford B2 B3 The Residences at Rough Creek Lodge


We are accepting reservations for Phase 1a of The Residences at Rough Creek Lodge. Click here for more information on the reservation process.

If you would you like to see The Ford B2, The Ford B3, and other available homes in person, contact our sales team. We’d be happy to arrange a private appointment at our vintage Airstream Sales Center, located steps from the Main Lodge at Rough Creek.