One of the many perks of owning a home at the Residences at Rough Creek Lodge is accessing the hundreds of miles of nature trails throughout Rough Creek’s 11,000 acre property. Whether you enjoy hiking, running, biking, or driving UTVs, the trails at Rough Creek Lodge offer a new adventure every day, with plenty of flora and fauna to discover.

From waterfowl to upland birds, white tailed deer, and much more, you are bound to see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitats around Rough Creek Lodge. Throughout the trails, you will encounter signs providing information about the animals in that particular area. As you leave your new, ranch-style home to walk around Mallard Lake, you might come across the “Turtle” sign, which describes where the native Box Turtle looks for food, the type of food they eat, and the areas they tend to live during the summer and winter seasons. You’ll have to look extra hard to spot one on the trails, as they blend it perfectly with the foliage. As you continue your journey further into the grasslands and away from the lakes, you might encounter a Jack Rabbit. Here you’ll find another informational sign packed with interesting facts, like how the Jack Rabbit’s donkey-like ears and big feet are actually used to cool the animal by releasing heat on hot summer days…

One of the most exciting parts of walking around the property is discovering wildflowers you might not have ever seen before. From bright pink Indian Paintbrushes, patches of blooming Bluebonnets, to fields of Four-Nerve Daisies, there are countless different species throughout the Nature Trails. Be sure to keep a Texas Wildflower book in your Rough Creek ranch home and bring it with you the next time you are walking around.

To learn more about available homes at Rough Creek Lodge, and how you and your family can be in your new ranch home this spring, contact our sales team today. We are currently accepting reservations for Phase 1a of The Residences at Rough Creek Lodge. Click here for more information on the reservation process. We would be happy to arrange a private appointment with you at our vintage Airstream Sales Center, located steps from the Main Lodge at Rough Creek.